Supported Living



Empowering Youth Independence

We offer supported living placements for young people aged 16 and over, aiming to provide safe, high-quality accommodation where they can develop and enhance their independent living skills. Supported Living offers a nurturing, supportive environment for young people transitioning to independent adult living. Each young person undergoes a comprehensive assessment to determine their abilities, enabling us to create a personalized plan that fosters independence, further learning, and supports them in achieving their goals and aspirations as they prepare for adult life.

Our approach adheres to the Care Leaver’s Charter, ensuring that all young people receive positive, consistent, and excellent care.

Safe Housing

Providing a secure and stable living environment

Individualised Support Plans

Tailored support plans that address the specific needs and goals of each young person.

Supervision and Safety

Ensuring a safe environment with appropriate supervision and safeguarding measures to protect vulnerable young people.

Family and Community Engagement

Involving family members (where appropriate) and connecting young people to community resources and networks.


Services and Facilities

Our Supported Living service offers both sole and multiple occupancy accommodations for young people capable of living independently with support. Registered with the CQC, we have two homes in Berkshire where young people reside with customized support packages tailored to their needs. These homes provide a family-style living environment alongside other young people, all ready to live independently with support.


Key Features of Our Supported Living Service

Our service ensures young adults receive personalized support, high-quality accommodation, and essential resources for successful independent living.
Year-Round Accommodation

Available 365 days a year with 24-hour support.

Future Housing Support

Guidance and support with future housing plans.

Individualized Living Programmes

We offer tailored independent living programs to meet the specific needs of each young person.

Education and Employment Support

Help with accessing education, employment, and training opportunities.

AQA Registration and Support

Support for obtaining AQA qualifications.

Bespoke Care Packages

Care packages and support hours are customized based on individual needs.

Health Registration Support

Assistance with registering with local health providers.

Financial Advice and Assistance

Financial guidance and support.

High-Quality Accommodation

Our homes are maintained, decorated, and furnished to a high standard, overseen by our in-house maintenance team.